5 August 2018

Team TEDxSriSairamIT

Forget questions like ‘What is TEDx?',‘What is TEDxSriSairamIT?’ and ‘What is TEDxSriSairamIT Salon?’ that have been up for a very long time now, atleast for a while. Have you ever wondered how it feels to be a part of  'Team TEDxSriSairamIT'?. Right from informal discussions to that one classic event, it is this team that dares to undertake utmost toil with resolute commitment in a confined time frame.

What makes a TEDx event in a college campus so special?  Because, getting consents and enduring audits every now and then, from every nook and corner is basically an art understated. Because, reaching the top floor of the building is easier said than done. After all, it is about the joy following the manoeuvre of hitting the terrace to put up a 20 x 45 TEDx banner and that itsy-bitsy pride in galvanizing people with the so called accomplishments in every possible social media site.

Imagine the hardship that our yesteryear peeps must’ve gone through to put up an internationally acclaimed event for the very first time in a campus like ours and to emerge as a successful brand as it is today. And not to deny, it is that optimistic team spirit under nerve-wracking business that makes every TEDxian unique. Moreover, the beady, bright and brilliant eyes of the recruits wanting to join the dream team emphasizes the raising standard of TEDx every single year.

Starting from OD letters to hours in front of laptops, it is this team that strives to bring you the website, mails, posters, captions, banners, certificates, invitations, social media posts, goodies, coupons, tickets and not to mention, some of the exuberant and exceptional speakers live on stage, on the right day with the right ambience. And, here comes that one big day to have you all spellbound, entertained and engaged in ideas that are worth spreading. We hope to imply through TEDx that college years are not only meant for exams and evaluations but also for a tinge of ecstasy.

Have you ever snuggled up on your couch on a rainy day to finish off a book that is so comforting? Have you ever left a theatre with a fulfilled heart? Because, the thought of leaving the hall with a content heart is what we wish to offer you at the end of the day.Considering the attendees’ precious time and active involvement, all we desire is to accord them a phenomenal day filled with ideas that are sure enough to strike the right chord .Not to forget the fact that securing a ticket for the event is an event in itself while the pay is certainly worthwhile when compared to our re-evaluation hurdles.

If one can find the niche audience, cater to their curiosities and exhibit them what avant-garde is, one can’t help but believe that the event is more likely to break the record and reach the zenith on its own. If forty folks can work on something that’s worth it, why not a country with a goal?

By Aishwarya Manoharan