Event Management – Spielbergs of TEDx

The most talked out stuff about the last event was the peerless organization. These peeps took care of all the aspects of conducting the main event through their concrete and contingent planning. In other words, no event managers – no TEDx.

Public Relations – Invaluable Assets

The choice of speakers contributes to a major percentage of any TEDx event’s success. The primary work of a public relations manager is to consult with the executives and with the aid of TED conventions and standards, do everything from selecting to coordinating with the speakers – pillars of the event. An efficient public relations team is proportional to the event’s triumph.

Social Media – Reach Masters

It’s well known that TEDxSriSairamIT made its mark though it was the first of it’s kind. The whole team can plan, work and come up with extra-ordinary stuff. Yet, it’s the social media team that dispenses everything to the outside world through social platforms.

Design Team – Artificers

One can well imagine how colorful the event can be from the theme. But the actual gig is the job for the design team which is to synchronously match up with the expectations through their amazing designs – posters, invitations, banners etc. No great event without a placard.

Website Team – Network Ninjas

An obvious division of any event - this team is responsible for creating and appropriately maintaining the website. But it’s not as simple as it sounds for they not only create the website but also match it with the TEDx standards and that takes a whole lot of talent. Yes! You code geeks, you’re the ones we’re looking for.

Videography Team – Soldiers of Tripods

Videography team handles the bulk pre and post event works through their accomplished skills in video making and editing. It’s a discrete division to take care of all the pace-media related stuff. All young PC Sreerams and Anthonys are welcome to apply. Even if you aren’t, you can become one.

Creative Team – da TEDx’os

Imagine a TEDx event happening in an empty stage, side event areas with no art work. It sure is like world without trees. Impression is the duty of the creative team. A da TEDx’o is responsible for all the decorative works for the main and promotional events. As the name tells, creative is all you need to be.

Editorial Team – Notepad and pen people

Even after the event ended, this editor guy typed all the things you are reading now. Yes that’s exactly the job description. Whatever anyone reads that associates TEDxSriSairamIT, its from here. A simple but an absolutely necessary team for any TEDx event. No English knowledge? Not a problem. What better place is there to learn?

Logistics team – The Transporters

A very important sub system that involves organizing the movement of equipment and accommodation of all the un-milled items required for the event. A logistics manager monitors and fulfils the requirements of all the other teams that are in need of any material.

Sponsorship Team – Add on Banks

We’re sure no where in the world, a rocket launch happened in a TEDx event, thanks to our sponsor team. A sponsorship manager consistently looks for a passionate sponsor and of course wealthy. As this isn’t any event, we collaborate innovation with sponsorship as described above.